Camping closed from September 10th. We will reopen in May 2024

Camping Lindenhof was founded by Liselotte and Hindrik van der Veer in 1997 as a sideline to their farming business. The cherry tree meadow facing the lake was transformed into the unique Camping Lindenhof. In the meantime, this camping site is known all over Europe and has received several awards. The ECO-Camping certification underlines the ecological way of thinking of the family.

Today the next generation is at work. We, Lea Jost and Gabriel van der Veer, now happily continue to run Camping Lindenhof. Hospitality as well as ecology and nature on and around the site are of great concern to us.

The Simon and Christa van der Veer family run the versatile and innovative farm. On the farmland various arable and vegetable crops as well as sweet potatoes are cultivated. For more information about the farm, visit and - or just ask Simon in person when you visit.

Lea und Gabriel
Liselotte und Hindrik



The farmhouse "Lindenhof" was built in 1950 on the site of a previous building from 1810. It is a stately, mixed construction, in which parts of the threshing floor from 1810 are integrated. Worth mentioning is the large cellar vaulted with hand chiselled Hauterive stone. The Lindenhof is an impressive example of the cultivated farmhouse architecture of the late "Heimatstil" (guidelines for building inventory = worth preserving). The Ofenhaus-Stöckli from 1819 is a graceful, slenderly proportioned structure. Above the brick stove house, a peristyle-like protruding living floor in exposed timber framing with stout corner posts. Very beautiful details, e.g. elements from the late baroque (guidelines Bauinventar = worth protecting).