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Welcome to the
camping Lindenhof

Peaceful, natural camping
in the fruit orchard

Camping Lindenhof

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The Lindenhof is an ecologically run campsite that is marked as a Top-location all over Europe. It is is situated directly next to a farmhouse and large fruit trees offer shade to the emplacements. It is equally loved for its breathtaking view over the lake of biel as well as the vineyard covered hills and the barren Jura on the other side of the lake.

People also love to stay at the Lindenhof campsite because of the personal and attentive way the family van der Veer are dealing with their guests.

Moreover, the Lindenhof is located in the center of an unique touristic area: The Seeland.






Camping Lindenhof

Family van der Veer

Mörigenweg 2

CH-2572 Sutz-Lattrigen

T/ F+41 (0)32 397 10 77


Opening hours



Good Friday thru Octobre 4th



08:00-11:30 / 13:30-19:00
Check-in from 13:30

Farm shop for our guests

(during the high season)

08:00-09:00 / 17:00-18:00