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About us

Since 1982 the Van der Veer family have run the Lindenhof farm, where nature and hospitality have always been of high priority.
In 1997 they started to develop the cherry orchard, which overlooks the lake (300 m), into the current campsite.
The Lindenhof is known all over Europe and has received much accreditation for its location and, the already mentioned, hospitality.

Hindrik and Liselotte are sensible people, who have a lot of care for their IP Suisse farm and and their ECO campsite.
The Lindenhof is one of the only two campsites in Switzerland which own both markings, which emphasizes Hindrik and Liselotte's ecological approach.
Whether you are a guest on the campsite or a customer in their campsite shop, you can feel that everything is done with a lot of passion.

Hindrik and Liselotte experience funny and beautiful moments on their campsite, as they share with us in a conversation:
When, in summer, children from all over Europe come together in our sandbox to build a fortress, they do not need an interpreter, Liselotte tells us. Hindrik adds, with a smile on his face, the Swiss do the planning, the Germans are in charge, the Dutch make the canals and the dikes and finally the French change the fortress into a real castle. As you can see: at the Lindenhof we have Europe in miniature in the sandbox.

by moxi